Product Range

Under its standard offerings, Stammford Cementing INC. provide a wide product range to cater the various aspects of construction.

These include:

  • OCTG products – Casings , Tubing, Cross Overs, Pup Joints, X-Overs & Subs
  • Cementing & Float Equipment – Solid & Spring Centralizers, Cementing Plugs, Float Equipment, Landing Collar, Guide Shoes, Cement Baskets, Stop Collars, Float Collars, Float Shoes, Stage Collars, Float Valves, Stingers.
  • Completion & DV Tools – Liner Hanger, Stage Collars, Cement Retainer, Bridge Plug & Packers
  • Down-hole tools – Drill Pipe , Drill collar, Kelly’s, Stabilizers, Shock subs driven by innovation and excellence
We are a new-age service provider with one of the most technologically-advanced solutions portfolio and we’re not ready to make any compromises on our standards of quality. Each and every product supplied by us, is an example of best quality and technological advancements, which claim for ease of usage, cost effective operations and better maintenance.