Differential Valve- DV Tool | Cementing Tool

Mechanical Stage Cementing/DV Tool - SF30

Stammford’s Mechanical Stage Cementing Tool is designed to do the cementing in casing string in two stages. It is having compact, simple design, which minimizes the number of moving parts, and makes the tool easier to handle. The tool’s clear opening and closing indications at the surface accommodate the hydraulic conditions of the well for safer, more efficient operations. Stammford also offers locking and anti-rotation devices accelerate drill out to save rig time while the tool’s greater wall thickness provides superior strength. The smaller-OD models create a larger fluid bypass area during circulation and displacement, minimizing the effect of pressure on sensitive formations. It meet all the needs expected by it successful.

Hydraulic Stage Cementing/DV Tool-SF32

The Design of Stammford’s Hydraulic Stage Cementing Tool provides flexibility to perform cementing job at deviated well in various well conditions. It provides operational flexibility to adjust opening pressure at the rig site to meet various well requirements. Its hydraulically opening port system makes it practically useful for horizontal wells. Without using continuous displacement type plugs, casing running in highly deviated well can be cemented in two stages. The opening pressure of the stage tool can be adjusted at rig site to meet well requirements.